3 Dog OWWW!

3-Dog, The Number 1 Galaxy News Radio Disk Jockey!

Xbox 360 Glitches:

Occasionally, 3-Dog will say the Same dialogue as If he has never met you before. Though this happens, it does not Majorley effect gameplay such as quests and other NPC's.

3-Dogs Radio station (Galaxy News Radio) Is on Prerecorded tapes, even the so called "LIVE" Public Service Announcements. He can be found talking to you whislt he is talking to you. At one point, he will say on the Radio "Comin To Ya Taped From Galaxy News Radio!" Even though many times before he has said that he's come to you live.

3-Dog can be found outside of GNR, right when the Behemoth comes. If the Behemoth kills 3-Dog, it will result as a loss to the quest GNR. However it is still possible to find Dad if he is killed.

PS3 Glitches:

Upon Save, 3-Dog and other NPC's may fall threw the ground and die. This only effects Side Quests, such as GNR.


This happens once in a blue moon but upon first meeting 3-Dog, he will have Gobs voice and dialogue options, and cannot continue the quests GNR and Following in his footsteps unless you know where to go next. Upon leaving the Dialogue options, the Game will Freeze, as 3-Dogs and Gobs Memory try to enter the 3-Dog NPC. Why this happens is unknown, but This is very unlikely that this will happen.

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