Xbox Glitches:

1.At one point (Randomly) In the game, Neither Mick or Ralph will sell to you. You may select the Option "What do you have in stock?" And Mick and Raplh will say Ok, but then it just goes back to the Dialogue box. Why this occurs is unknown and Bethesda has yet to patch this. This cannot be undone unless there is an update or a patch. (This can also happen on PC)

2.When getting the Pimp-Boy 3 Million, Your Pip-Boy will be invisible and there will be a huge see-through gap between your arm when pressing the Pip-Boy button. This happens rarely and randomly but cannot be undone unless it is by Patch or update.

3.A rare but funny glitch is in the Nuke-Cola Machine upstairs you may find Fake&Funny's Gag Shop Meat Pie, Strange Meat and what seems to be a glitched and non-essential item known as -35(Or less) Caps. You may take any of these items, but when taking the -35(Or less) Caps you will actually lose that amount of Caps. The Amount of caps lost are varied for 35 or less. From Experience it has been no more than 35. This also implys (By the strange meat) That Mick and or Ralph are cannibals.

PC Glitches:

1.If you are in Mick's "Special" Inventory room and a thug walks trough the door, the secret items door will close! Leaving you trapped! This can only be fixed and undone by reloading a save or by simply "Nocliping" Out.

2.Sometimes Mick will not sell Ammo at all! However, If you leave the items screen and go back in, he will have ammo in stock again. Why this occurs is unknown.

PS3: There are No known glitches for the PS3 So far. We'll keep ya updated though. :)

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