Players Pip-Boy 3000 (Green Display Color)

Xbox 360 Glitches:

Upon bringing up the Pip-Boy, the screen will turn a very bright vibrant green, which makes it unable to see the screen. This can be fixed by leaving the Pip-Boy and turning the pip-boy light on and off by holding the Red B Button.

Sometimes, as soon as you fast travel and enemy will attack you from long range. This means that when the player "Fast Travels" The enemy does aswell. But Remember, if the enemy is in range, so are you. So the game will not recognize the enemys even if they are on the compass and fast travel. Not passing ANY Time at all in-game fast travel, causing fast travel amushes.Fast travel is a way to travel somewhere ASAP. To the player however, he is running there in-Game, actually passing time, not an instant teleport. Why this is, is unknown.

There are no Know PS3 Pip-Boy Glitches :)


Occasionally, the Pip-Boys textures will go all blurry, making it impossible to read the screen or buttons. This can be simply fixed by leaving and re-entering the pip-boy.

If you load or enter a room then AS SOON as you enter the room bring up your Pip-Boy, and then leave you will be frozen to the ground, making the player unable to move but however able to interact. So the player may do 2 things to fix this, 1.Go from where he/she came from behind them the door they came from. If the door is activated elsewhere then they must 2.Reload a save state. This is happens due to to player command overflow.

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